LJR Kelly is a children's book author. He was born in London, England, and studied at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and Dartmouth College, USA. He lives and writes in a cabin at the top of a hill in New Hampshire, USA.

His first children's book, "Blanket and Bear, a Remarkable Pair" (Putnam), illustrated by Yoko Tanaka, is in stores.

Please order it now from:  Amazon, Indiebound or Barnes & Noble

Blanket and Bear, a Remarkable Pair

 Written By L.J.R. Kelly    Illustrated By Yoko Tanaka

The first of LJR Kelly's three picture books due to be published by Putnam, Blanket and Bear tells the rhyming story of two lost toys whose owner outgrows them while they travel the world searching for him.

The Book came out on August 29, 2013. Please order now from:  Amazon, Indiebound or Barnes & Noble or by clicking on any of Yoko Tanaka's beautiful illustrations below.