LJR Kelly is a children's book author. He was born in London, England, and studied at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and Dartmouth College, USA. He lives and writes in a cabin at the top of a hill in New Hampshire, USA.

His first children's book, "Blanket and Bear, a Remarkable Pair" (Putnam), illustrated by Yoko Tanaka, is in stores.

Please order it now from:  Amazon, Indiebound or Barnes & Noble

I Wish to Apologize for My Part in the Apocalypse

In honor of this week's "super moon", I wanted to point people towards Duncan Macmillan, a brilliant playwright and friend, who wrote this lovely surrealist radio play  (I Wish to Apologize for My Part in the Apocalypse) about a woman who falls in love with the moon. The Moon reciprocates the love and starts to creep towards the earth. I would love to adapt it into a children's book!